Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some common questions that typically come up when talking about Ace & Vine. If you have any additional questions, please visit our contact us page.


Will Ace and Vine be family-friendly?

Absolutely!!!!  We want everyone to be able to enjoy the high-quality dining and beautiful riverfront seating along the Napa River. Our restaurant is totally separate from the California casino and our patio will be dog friendly and kids will eat free on Tuesdays. There will be other various specials for local families as well!


What is a California casino?

California casinos are very different from casinos you see in Nevada or on Native American lands. There are 75 operating card club licenses in the State of California ranging from 2 to 400 tables. They are restricted to only card games such as Poker, Omaha, and “California” Black Jack. Slot machines are not allowed.  These are, for the most part, smaller rooms with a more inviting atmosphere.  Casinos are huge multimillion-dollar projects restricted to Indian tribal land, allowing them to have a different set of rules. California casinos are highly regulated including extensive background checks for owners and key employees. In addition to the smaller “family” feel of California casinos, in accordance with State law all smoking is prohibited on the premises.


Does Napa currently have a California casino?

Napa has always had a California casino license.  Many Napan’s will remember Hemphill’s Card Room & Lounge on California Blvd, near the Bel Aire Shopping Center, which was owned and operated for nearly 30 years. We were lucky enough to acquire that license but the difference between the two is that 70% of our primary operations will be dedicated to the restaurant, bar and patio. We’re excited to create a restaurant and California casino that Napa will be proud of!


What are the benefits of this California casino?

For one you will be able to get a great bite to eat later at night, or early in the morning! It will also offer a new recreation and entertainment experience in Napa for locals and visitors. Ace & Vine will be a great place to enjoy the huge deck overlooking the river with drinks and food with your friends and family, as well as the opportunity to socialize and play cards. The California casino also provides the financial engine to make the necessary repairs and improvements needed to reopen to the public.


Will there be more California casinos in Napa in the future?

No. City law permits only one California casino license. In addition, the State of California has a moratorium on further licenses.


What are the hours of operation?

The standard in gaming both in California and internationally is to be open 24/7.  For several reasons the 24/7 flexibility gives customers the best experience for late night dining and card playing. No matter what the hour, we will have extensive security and around the clock video surveillance.


Will it be Safe?

Safety is our #1 priority. Ace & Vine submitted an extensive safety and security plan to the Napa Police Department, which was approved by Napa Police in June 2019. We will have 24/7 surveillance and a top-notch security team so the property will be extremely safe. A number of studies have assessed safety associated with gambling establishments and found that California casinos are safer than your local restaurant or hotel.


Is Ace and Vine involved with the community?

Being active members in the Napa community is extremely important to us. Ownership has met with many locals, from the Police Officer Association, to non-profits to the Chamber of Commerce and will absolutely be an integral part of Napa, including continued philanthropic donations.   Ace & Vine would also love to host events or poker tournaments supporting local charities and causes.


Who are the owners, and do they have experience?

Mike LeBlanc has been in the card room industry since being a bus boy at age 14. He has extensive experience from working in the clubs to partnering with clubs to owning and operating them.  Mike has worked with over 20 California casinos and for the majority of his experience has partnered with his mom.  That experience lends itself to making sure these special places instill a family feel in all visitors.


What games do they have there?

Please click on the gaming offerings on our website to explore the exciting options we have for you!


What kind of food will be served?

We will serve high-end Asian/American fusion and will have a late night menu.  Our Food and Beverage team is led by local experts Michael and Krista Galyen.  Michael and Krista opened up Napa Sport in 2017. Before that, Michael was the General Manager at Morimoto and Don Giovanni here in Napa.


Can we watch the game there?

Absolutely!!!  Catch the latest action on one of the HD big screens in the bar or lounge.  Or if gaming is what your there for we will have 10+ HD big screens to catch all your favorite action!


How does Ace & Vine make its money?

Every hand that is dealt, a collection or drop is taken.  This is how a California casino is able to be profitable and more importantly help substantiate a high quality restaurant and bar where otherwise it would not be possible.


Why that location? What Happened to Compadres?

There has been a misconception that we were responsible for Compadres demise. Nothing could be further from the truth. A dispute between Compadres and their landlord resulted in their landlord commencing a search for a new tenant. We understand the community’s concern and share the nostalgia Compadres had in Napa. We met with their owner and we were able to help with their transition as much as possible and will strive to keep the local and family friendliness of Compadres.