Mike Leblanc began working on Ace &Vine in 2016.  After 5 years of approval and entitlement hurdles, he opened in a pandemic, in a tent in March of 2022! Always moving forward, Ace & Vine is now a Napa Staple!  While this is Mikes latest project in Napa it was not his first.

Michael LeBlanc has ties to Napa for over a decade.  He was the first investor in OneHope Wine back in 2007, which was set-up as a social enterprise to raise awareness and funding for charitable organization and social causes.  Mike loved the idea and gambled on something we all love: wine and philanthropy. OneHope donates a percentage of its profits to charity and each varietal supports a different charitable cause or organization.

In 2007, we sold about 160 cases and this year we’re close to 200,000! Some of the many contributions to society and the planet are below:

  • 2,758,428 meals provided to hungry children
  • 3,633 hours of ABA therapy provided to children with autism
  • 5,959 children helped through crisis counseling
  • 65,267 pets helped to find a forever home
  • 6,303,695 people educated about saving endangered species
  • 22,716 weeks of literacy education funded for children in low-income countries
  • 105,172 trees planted in global reforestation projects
  • 5,179 people provided with clean drinking water
  • 9,075 veterans reunited with a sense of purpose by leading and organizing disaster relief
  • 18,813 days of clinical trials funded for women battling breast cancer
  • 4,124,622 women educated on coping with ovarian cancer


We are proud of our impact to the community and will continue to give back locally and abroad.